Supporting Australians when they need it most

Crisis Support Services (CSS) is Australia's leading specialist telephone and online counselling and training provider. With a proud 50 year history, CSS has supported hundreds of thousands of Australians through their most challenging times with professional counselling, information and referrals to quality services.

As the only organisation within Australia to have gained international accreditation from the world-renowned American Association of Suicidology, CSS plays an integral role in Australia's mental health sector by setting the benchmark for quality across the telephone and online counselling industry. The organisation also provides specialist mental health training to a range of community organisations and corporates, offering insights into the wide range of complex issues relating to mental health and wellbeing.


Indigenous suicide rate tackled In a move to combat the high indigenous suicide rate, prevention programs will be strictly audited and required to be more transparent in the way they operate.

Mental health cuts reversed The federal government has caved in to strong opposition to its $580 million cuts to a mental illness treatment program, agreeing to reverse one element of the cuts until next year.

State to close 24-hour mental health helpline The state government is shutting down Victoria's only 24-hour mental health helpline, provoking outrage from mental health providers.

New suicide prevention plan in SA A new suicide prevention strategy in South Australia will focus on common risk factors as well as eduction and research.